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Injection Molds
Plastic injection mold manufacturing for European and global markets of following Products:
  • Automotive plastic components
  • Electronic/electrical and Mechanical plastic components,
  • Home appliance plastic products,
  • Industrial and telecommunication plastic products,
  • Medical plastic products and
  • Different custom-made products etc.

Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic injection molding for automotive, electronic, electrical and mechanical plastic components, industrial and medical plastic products and home appliance plastic products etc., which are custom-made with:
  • Various colors according to RAL pantone catalogue or samples
  • Various resins like ABS, PC, PP, PE, PET, nylon and PPS etc.,
  • Various surface treatments for instance, silk-screen printing, painting, chrome and nickel plate, polishing and texture etc.
  • Defined new material without any recyling material etc.

Metal Part Machining
Stamping, turning, drilling and grinding parts are mainly custom-made with CNC-machining centers, CNC lathes and automatic lathing machines with tolerance of 0.01mm~0.005mm. They are used in automotive, mechanical, Electrical and medical engineerings. The main parts are:
  • Stamping, turning, drilling and grinding parts
  • Aluminium, steel and plastic Profile Parts,
  • Plastic and metal screws and shafts,
  • Assemblies and surface treated parts etc.

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